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Polymer Ball Test Vehicle

Large Ceramic Polymer Balled grid array TV used for reliability assessment.


HDP User group holds its first meeting of 2015 at the Hitachi Research Center at the University of California – Irvine


“SAC Aging II project – Photo micro-graphs of array package devices on reliability test vehicle after aging.”


"2014 Progress Report" News Releases, technical articles, and documents can be accessed.

HDP User Group Announces 5 New Projects

HDP User Group is pleased to announce five new projects - PTH lifetime predictor for TC; High Frequency Measurements 2; High Frequency Flex; Harsh Use Environment Alloy Evaluation; and Anti-Counterfeit of Electronics 3. These new projects are in the idea and definition phases and are open to participation at this this time.

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With the new website members will have enhanced ways to participate and interact. As an intranet, opportunities for secure collaboration are greatly enhanced and members will have a variety of tools to help them in their project work.

In order to access the member only portion of the web site you must be registered. If your company is a member of HDP User group, please go the registration link for instructions.


Projects are the lifeblood of an organization like HDP User Group, and they are the main reason why companies choose to join. The knowledge and experience gained through interaction with other team members during the execution of the project, and the results generated by our projects are our major deliverables.

HDP is a project oriented consortium dedicated to improving cooperation of all levels of the electronic packaging supply chain including system integrators, contract assembly manufacturers, and suppliers. Collaborative projects are run in a domain where members can gain much more by joint activities rather than duplicating work in each member company.  Members share resources and are supplemented by a small project facilitation staff. 

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